University Preparation Programme Graz – Welcome!

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Registration at the VGUH from

  • 2nd week of January for summer semester courses
  • 2nd week in July for winter semester courses

Course-registration at the VGUH

Since Summer Term 2019 students can choose course times and teachers in their personal student-account. We try our best to fullfill your course choice. The registration tool can be used when the "Studienbestätigung" has been given to the office. Please pay the term fee as soon as possible to ensure you can choose your course (note it will take proximately 10 days to finish the university process).

Attention: you can select your choice of courses in the registration tool. The courses start Monday, 05.10.2020, but only after you selected your courses and they have been confirmed, you can attend these courses.

If you have trouble selecting your courses, please come to the office immediately.

Continuing students, who have not paid the term fee in time without specific reason (EPD attempt, Verlängerungsantrag), must wait to see, if space is still available. A registration at university is not possible during this time. Payments received after the deadline with the consequence that courses could not be offered, will be reimbursed.

Placement test for German courses at the VGUH from

  • 2nd week of September
  • 2nd week of February
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Start of the German courses and courses in other subjects:

  • 1st week of October
  • 1st week of March

Supplementary examinations: German and other subjects at the beginning of the semester, before the end of the enrolment period and at the end of the semester.

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