Course registration


Information on course registration for the Winter Semester 2023/24 can be found via this link:

First-time registration

Please organise your arrival in Austria on time!

Ideal time for arrival

  • in September for the winter semester
  • in January/February for the summer semester

If you arrive after the registration deadline we cannot register you for the upcoming semester of the University Preparation Programme.

An admission letter of the Montanuniversitaet Leoben is needed to join the Preparation Programme - without an admission letter enrolment it not possible.

Students need to enrol in person.

Students have to pass the supplementary examinations in German and other subjects within the intended duration at the University Preparation Programme of the Montanuniversitaet Leoben before they can be enrolled in a degree programme of the university. While attending the courses students are enrolled as non-degree programme students ("außerordentliche Studierende") at the university.

The course fee [academic year 2020/21]

  • for advanced learners of German (course I) is 300 Euro
  • for advanced learners of German (course II or course III) is 200 Euro
  • for participants of the German course and other subjects 400 Euro.

An additional amount for material costs (photocopies) may be charged.


The registration has to be done in the office of the University Preparation Programme or via e-mail In addition the students' union membership fee (ÖH-Beitrag) has to be paid. You can find the bank details of the Montanuniversitaet Leoben and your reference number on your students account.