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Up-to-date information on the Corona virus (COVID-19)

The VWU office is currently closed (no front office). You may contact us via email.

Important information in various languages:

Website of "The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)" (various languages can be selected on top of the website):

Website of "" - information in English:

Website of "" - information in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian:

Website of "" - information in Turkish:

Information on the app "" (subtitles in various languages for TV reports of the ORF):

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Information regarding course registration (winter semester 2020)

First registrations: August 21st to September 25th, 2020; for further information please see our checklist for first semesters (PDF)

ALL students in their first semesters, who need to take a supplementary exam in German and other subjects than German (Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or only in one or more of those other subjects, contact VWU first.

VWU-Students continuing their courses at VWU (and fulfilling the necessary requirements): August 17th to September 4th, 2020

students required to pass supplementary exams not only in German but in other subjects (English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, ...) as well, with confirmed FG-level (either by placement test or exam at the end of the semester): August 17th to September 4th, 2020

Requests for 5th and 6th semesters: August 21st to September 4th, 2020

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Information regarding the courses at the VWU

Winter semester 2020/2021: courses are scheduled to take place in the classroom. Depending on governmental regulations in relation to COVID-19, course modalities may be subject to changes.

Students not able to reside in Austria due to the COVID-19 pandemic in winter semester 2020/2021 may exceptionally attend online courses. For more information on the conditions write to

  • German as a foreign language
  • English
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography (language of instruction is German)
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Supplementary examinations

The registration to exams scheduled for October is possible from Sep 25th till Oct 6th, 12.00 noon.

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About the VWU

The VWU is an institution providing university preparation courses for international students. Its role is to prepare students for supplementary examinations.