Course registration


First registrations for summer semester 2021: January 17th - February 4th 2022

Registrations for continuing students in summer semester 2022: January 17th - February 4th 2022

Students qualifying for a reduced course fee (see below) register at VWU (Sechshauser Straße 33A) directly. Students not qualifying for a reduced course fee register at one of our cooperation partners (die Berater or Sprachenzentrum).

Students registering for the first time (students who did not attend any courses within the University Preparation Programme - neither at VWU nor at a cooperation partner) and qualifying for a reduced course fee need to register in person in our office. In order to do so, you need to make an appointment. For that please send us an e-mail with your inquiry and send your admission letter and your passport or asylum ID attached (, subject: "First time course registration").

Students continuing their courses (students who already attended one or more courses either at VWU or at one of our cooperation partners) and qualifying for a reduced course fee do not need an appointment for personal registration in our office. Instead they register online, via email.

First registrations

Please plan your entry to Austria according to these deadlines, ideally

  • in AUGUST for winter semester
  • in JANUARY for summer semester

An admission letter by one of the scientific universities in Vienna (Universität Wien, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Technische Universität Wien, Medizinische Universität Wien, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien) is a prerequisite to join the Preparation Programme. Without admission letter registration is not possible. Students need to register in person.

Students have to pass the supplementary examinations in German and other subjects at the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities before they can be enrolled in a regular degree programme at the university. The preparatory courses take place at the VWU itself (only for students who qualify for a reduced course fee) or at one of two cooperation partners. While attending the courses, students are enrolled as non-degree programme students (“außerordentliche Studierende”) at university.

The German courses consist of 320 lessons (22 to 24 lessons per week), the course fee is €1,241  (€3.9/lesson) per semester; reduced fee: €495 per semester. An additional amount of approx. €20-30 for material costs (photocopies) may be charged.

If you qualify for a reduced course fee, you can attend a course at the VWU in Sechshauser Straße 33A.

Otherwise you may chose between our two cooperation partners:

Registration for students qualifying for a reduced fee (concessions)

Who qualifies for a reduced fee? The reduced fee of €495 applies to three categories of students: Category 1: Nationals of countries according to the List of countries Category 2: Students who are asylum seekers, recognised refugees or subsidiary protected persons in Austria Category 3: Students who have to pass supplementary examinations in English, mathematics, history, geography, physics, chemistry or biology only (and no supplementary examination in German*) – regardless of their nationality or asylum status. Students finding themselves in one of these three categories can register directly at the VWU in Sechshauser Straße 33A - maybe you need to arrange an appointment for that (see above under "Deadlines"). Registration Steps for registration at VWU, Sechshauser Straße 33A (you need to arrange an appointment for your personal registration - see above under "Deadlines"):

  • Issuance of payment forms and registration at VWU:  August 20 to September 3, 2021 (but you need to arrange an appointment for your personal registration - see above under "Deadlines").
    Please bring:
    - admission letter and
    - passport or
    - documentation of your asylum status (e.g. Convention passport, white card, grey card, …)
  • Payment of the course fee
  • Enrolment in person at your university as a student in a “non-degree programme”
  • Payment of the student union's fee
  • Placement tests for German and if applicable English: upon registration you'll be informed about the dates of your placement test(s).
  • Course start at VWU: September 23, 2021.

*) First time registration for students who have to pass supplementary examinations in subjects AND in German, but who don't qualify for the reduced fee: New students who don't qualify for the reduced fee but according to their admission letter have to pass supplementary examinations in subjects (English, mathematics, history, geography, physics, chemistry or biology) AND in German have to register by e-mail for an online German placement test at the VWU within the registration period (August 20 to September 3, 2021). For this please send an e-mail between August 20 and September 3 with the subject "Anmeldung zu Sonder-Einstufungstest" with your attached admission letter and passport to . This online placement test for new students takes place between September 7 and September 10, 2021. After the placement test you will get information about where and how to register for the course (for these students the course registration will be possible then because they registered for the placement test until September 3). If you reach the advanced level at this online German placement test (course level "FG" or "WF") you will be allowed to register at the VWU directly and thus only have to pay the reduced course fee of €495. In this case you can do the courses for German and the other subjects in winter semester 2021 already. The course registration for these students will be done by e-mail after the placement test. But if you don't reach the advanced level at the German placement test yet, but only a lower level (course level "AN", "AV" or "EV"), you can only register for an only German course at one of our cooperation partners (later than September 10) and have to pay the regular course fee of €1,241 there. The enrolment at university for winter semester 2021 will be possible for these students after their course registration (in the middle of September).

Attention: Other, private course institutions are not part of the VWU system. Attending one of their courses will not qualify you for the status of a student in a “non-degree programme”.

Please check our FAQs for first-time enrolment.

Students not qualifying for the reduced course may not register at the VWU directly but only at one of our two cooperation partners.

Steps for registering at a cooperation partner

Step 1: Register in person at one of the cooperation partners between August 20 and September 3, 2021. Upon registration you will be provided with information about your placement, course times, etc.

Step 2: Pay the course fee (€1,241) and enrol at your university afterwards with the confirmation of registration and payment for your course within the University Preparation Programme.

Please note: registration procedures and opening hours may vary from one course institute to another. Please refer to the respective webiste for more information.

Students continuing their courses

Students continuing their courses may do so under the same conditions. Students may change courses from one cooperation partner to another. A transfer to VWU is possible only for students needing to pass supplementary exams in subjects other than German and already having acquired advanced knowledge of German (course result of the previous semester is level FG or WF).

You register directly at your course provider. Students who do not qualify for a reduced fee thus register directly at the cooperation partner:

Students continuing their courses who qualify for the reduced course fee don't need an appointment for a personal registration in our office - this registration will be done via e-mail (for continuing students) from June 28 to July 9 or from August 16 to September 3, 2021.

It is not necessary for students to communicate their continuation of studies to the university, if they want to be enrolled at the same university they were in the previous semester. This is an automated process and will be done about five working days after your course registration (but in winter semester 2021 not before July 12). However, the student union's fee (ÖH-Beitrag) has to be paid, otherwise your registration will be canceled. Information about the student union's fee is provided by your university.

Please note that only courses at VWU or VWU-courses at one of our two cooperation partners serve for university registration.

Wechsel vom Kooperationspartner zum VWU

Studierende, die sich bei einem unserer Kooperationspartner angemeldet haben, und bei einer Aufstiegsprüfung die Kursstufe FG oder WF erreicht haben und in Ihrem Zulassungsbescheid die Ergänzungsprüfung aus Deutsch und mindestens einer weiteren Ergänzungsprüfung vorgeschrieben haben, sind berechtigt, den Deutsch- und Fachkurs am VWU im Sommersemester 2022 zu besuchen.

Diese Kursanmeldung (Wechsel vom Kooperationspartner zum VWU) läuft für das kommende Semester per E-Mail ab, also online. Die betroffenen Studierenden des Wintersemesters 2021/22 werden per E-Mail über die Anmeldeschritte informiert.