Course registration

Summer semester 2023

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First-time registration

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  • First-time admissions are only for first-time applicants (students who have neither been previously enrolled in a course within the University Preparation Programme nor with a cooperation partner).

    For the registration of courses at VWU, an admission letter is required from one of the following six scientific Viennese Universities:

    • University of Vienna (Uni Wien)
    • Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU)
    • Vienna University of Technology (TU)
    • Medical University Vienna (MedUni)
    • University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
    • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (VETMED).

    A registration without an admission letter is not possible. First-time applicants must register in person.

    Students have to pass prescribed supplementary examinations (in German and other subjects) within the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities before they can be fully admitted to a regular degree programme at the university of choice. The preparatory courses take place at VWU directly (only for students eligible for a reduced course fee) or at one of its two cooperation partners. While attending the courses, students are admitted to university as non-degree programme students (“außerordentliche Studierende”).

    The German courses consist of a minimum of 320 lessons each semester, the course fee is for the winter semester 2023 €1,365 (€4,27/lesson) per semester; the reduced fee is €532 per semester. An additional sum of approx. €20-30 for material costs (photocopies) may be charged.

    Please plan your entry into Austria accordingly.

    The ideal entry is in:

    • August for the winter semester
    • January for the summer semester

    Please note: Only VWU and its two cooperation partners offer these courses. Other, private course institutions are not part of the VWU system. Attending one of their courses will not qualify you for the status of a student in a “non-degree programme”.

First-time registration for winter semester 2023/2024: From August 18th until September 4th 2023.

Please read the checklist for first semesters and verify whether you qualify for one of these categories:

Category 1: Students who are asylum seekers, recognized refugees (not "Vertriebene") or entitled to subsidiary protection in Austria

Category 2: Students who have to pass supplementary examinations only in English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry or Biology (and no supplementary examination in German) – regardless of their nationality or asylum status

Category 3: Citizens of countries according to the List of countries

Do you qualify for any of these three categories?

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  • Students who qualify in one of these three categories may register at VWU in Sechshauser Straße 33A, 1150 Vienna.

    Steps for registration at VWU:

    • Send an email with the subject “First-time course registration” from July 10th 2023 to with the follwing documents attached:
      • Admission letter
      • Passport and/or documentation on your asylum status
    • Register in person within the registration period (August 18th – September 4th 2023) at the VWU with these documents:
    • Upon registration, you are required to present your passport or another official identification document (not in a digital format)
    • Pay the course fee (winter semester 2023: €532)
    • Enroll at your university as a student in a “non-degree programme” by February 5th at the latest, including the document “important information” and a payment confirmation slip from your bank

    Upon registering at VWU, students will receive an appointment for the mandatory placement test in German. All German placement tests for the summer semester will take place within the specified period (see deadlines and dates at the VWU).

    Please note: if you are placed in the course level FG or WF (advanced) or the supplementary examination in German is not a requirement, but rather the examination in English is, you will receive an appointment for the online English placement test via e-mail.

  • If your nationality is "Ukraine" you have to preregister online until Aug 28, noon! For further information please read the checklist for first semesters! The preregistration is completed! Ukrainian students can register with one of our cooperation partners.


    Students who do not qualify in the three categories, are not entitled to a reduced course fee and can, hence, not register at VWU. However, they can choose one of our two cooperation partners.

    Steps for registration at a cooperation partner

    • Register at one of the cooperation partners between August 18th and September 4th 2023. Upon registration, you will be provided with an appointment for the German placement test and further information on the course schedule, etc.
    • Pay the course fee (winter semester 2023: €1,365)
    • Enroll at your university at the latest by September 5th 2023 with a confirmation of registration as a “non-degree programme” student and a confirmation of payment issued by your bank.
    • Please refer to the websites of the cooperation partners for more information on registration procedures and opening hours as they may vary from one institute to another:

    Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien: Deutschkurse für den VWU

    die Berater®: Deutschkurse für den VWU

    Please note: if several supplementary examinations are required in your admission letter and you are placed in the FG or WF (advanced) course level in the German placement test, you can immediately transfer to VWU and attend the German and subject course (FF1-course). You will be contacted in this case via email by VWU.

First registrations before or after the regular registration period (August 18th - September 4th 2023)

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  • First registrations prior to August 18th are only possible for students, whose visa D expires before August 23rd.

    The earliest date for early registration is when admission opens at university for winter semester 2023/2024.

    University of Vienna: July 10th

    TU Wien: July 11th

    WU Wien: July 10th

    BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences: June 19th

    MedUni Vienna: July 10th

    Vetmeduni: August 7th

    First registrations prior to the start of admission are not possible.

    For early registration make an appointment at the end of June with the respective course provider (see the checklist für first semesters for more information).

    After registration you may complete your admission at university (visit your university's admission website for more information).

    Please note that confirmations for ÖGK (students' insurance) may only be issued from August 18th on, even with early registration.

  • Unfortunately first time registration are no longer possible for the winter semester 2023. Personal first registrations for summer semester 2024: January 18th - February 2nd 2024


    General note (not valid for winter semester 2023): First registration after September 4th is only possible for students, who received their visa D or admission letter (the date on the admission letter counts) after September 1st.

    With late registration after September 4th, there is no guarantee for a course place. Course places may only be allocated late, if there are any remaining course places and only in course levels, where there are still course places available.

    If you received your visa D or your admission letter only after September 1st, contact the respective course provider (see the checklist for first semesters for more infrmation) until course start and the quality coordination ( after course start. You will then receive information on whether there are still course places available and if so, how you may register for them.

    With late registration, admission at university needs to be completed immediately, or until October 31st the very latest.

    Free course places may be allocated until shortly before October 31st (=end of admisison at university in winter semester 2023/2024).  

Continuing students

… are students, who have already attended a course within the University Preparation Programme (at VWU or one of its two cooperation partners: “die Berater” and “Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien”) and usually have a student ID (=matriculation number). Registration is only possible for students who have attended courses for a maximum of three semesters. If you have already been registered for four or more semesters within the University Preparation Programme, an additional application for a 5th or 6th semester is required. (see below)

You directly register at your course provider.

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  • Students who qualify for a reduced fee can directly register at VWU. This includes:

    • Students who qualify in one of these three categories (see Länderliste)
    • Students who have to pass the supplementary examination in German and another subject and have been placed by the course provider in the FG or WF course level after passing the test which determines the course level (“Aufstiegsprüfung”), they will be placed in the upcoming semester at VWU.
    • Students who are repeating the final courses (FG, WF, FF2). Please note: You can attend the FG/WF course a maximum of twice. 
    • Please comply with internal regulations (further information on this can be obtained from your class teacher).

    Course registration for continuing students (winter semester 2023) takes place between July 3rd and July 7rh 2023.

    The course registration for students who qualify for a reduced fee occurs via e-mail. An appointment in person at VWU is not required. The course registration (in case of a change from a cooperation partner to VWU) is also done via e-mail.

    Eligible students in the course levels AV, EV or FF1 are contacted via e-mail on June 30th 2023 with instructions on the registration process. If the examination for advancing to the next course level takes place later than planned, qualified students will receive an instruction on the course registration at a later time.

    Eligible students in the course levels FG, WF or FF2 have to cantact the VWU’s administrative by June 30th 2023 office and have to send the Confirmations of study periods ("Studienzeitbestätigung").

    The student’s union fees (“ÖH-Beitrag”) has to be paid at your university of choice a week after the course registration, otherwise your studies at your university will not be continued. More information on this can be obtained from your university.

    It is not necessary for students to communicate their continuation of studies to the university, if they want to be enrolled at the same university they were in the previous semester. If you wish to change universities, please contact VWU at before registering for courses.

  • Students who do not qualify for a reduced fee can directly enroll with one of our cooperation partners:

    Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien: Deutschkurse für den VWU

    die Berater®: Deutschkurse für den VWU

    Please note: A change of cooperation partner is possible each semester within the registration period.

Application for a 5th and 6th Semester

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  • The application period for the winter semester 2023: August 18th – September 4th 2023 is at VWU’s administrative office (without an appointment). In case of any questions or uncertainties, please contact us via email ( before submitting your application.

    The application has to be done in person at VWU’s administrative office. You will require the following documents in paper format:

    • Confirmation of all courses at the cooperation partner (which notes your course level and result)
    • Student ID (and passport, if necessary)
    • Admission letter from your university
    • Student record sheet (“Studienblatt”) for the summer semester 2023 (or a current confirmation of study period)
    • Documentation proving why you were not yet able to finish the University Preparation Programme
    • Completed form (available in front of the office)
    • In case of applying for a 6th semester: an additional written request (a letter addressed to the VWU Commission explaining why you need a 6th semester and so far, have not completed the University Preparation Programme) is required.