Scholarship programme winter semester 2022/2023

In winter semester 2022, VWU awards scholarships to students with very good study results in summer semester 2022. Grantees may attend a course at VWU (1150 Wien, Sechshauser Straße 33A) in winter semester 2022/2023 at the reduced course fee of €508.


  • In summer semester 2022 you attended a course at “die Berater®“ or “Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien“ in the course level AN, AV, or EV.
  • Summer semester 2022 was not more than your 2nd semester within the University Preparation Programme.
  • Your university admission letter states that you need to take the supplementary exam in German, but no other supplementary exams in other subjects.
  • In the exam at the end of the semester ("Aufstiegsprüfung") you achieved FG- or WF-level.

If you fulfil those requirements, you were invited by the quality coordination on July 4th 2022 via email to express your interest for the scholarship at VWU in winter semester 2022/2023. If you fulfil those requirements but have not received an email, please contact .


If you fulfil the requirements for the scholarship mentioned above, you are to send a short email to until July 31st 2022 the latest. The email should at least  include your name and  “Matrikelnummer“, as well as an expression of interest in the scholarship. Emails from students not fulfilling the requirements for the scholarship may not be accepted.

Election of grantees

Grantees will be elected after the deadline on July 31st 2022 by a an election committee. Students with an admisson for a MA- or PhD-programme will be prefered in the election process, but also students with an admission for a BA- or degree programme may be granted the scholarship. In case there are more candidates for the scholarship than there are scholarship places students from countries of the DAC-lists „Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories“ und „Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories“ ( as well as students withthe best study results will be prioritized. Students will be informed until September 2nd 2022, whether they receive a scholarship for winter semester 2022 at VWU or not.