VGUH - Course registration

Electronic pre-registration

You can attend the VGUH if you have been admitted to degree programme studies at one of the Graz universities.

What do I have to do?

1. Pre-registration:

2. Come to the course office in person. Bring your admission letter and your passport with you.

3. All other necessary steps for registration:

Students at the University of Graz, Graz University of Technology, Medical University of Graz: (Information in German, Information in English)

Students at the University of Music and Performing Arts  (Information in German, Information in English)

Please note: You can register at the VGUH and enrol at the university until the end of the grace period (in the winter semester until 31 October, in the summer semester until 31 March). However, in order to enable a successful completion of the semester we recommend that you register as early as possible.

Students continuing their courses

Information in German, Information in English

The counting of the lessons attended (an attendance rate of at least 80% is required for the relevant semester to be graded) starts on the first day of the course (beginning of October/beginning of March).