VGUH - Course registration

Electronic pre-registration

Electronic pre-registration

If you have a valid admission of one of the higher education institutions in Graz that are represented in the advisory board, please pre-register electronically:

You can find all the steps here Special regulations apply for students of the University of Music and performing arts

Attention: payment deadline for courses at VGUH 10. September 2021

New students are allowed to register at the VGUH and their University until the end of the grace period (30.11.2021). Nevertheless, we suggest to register as soon as possible, in order to have better chances completing the courses successfully. Registrations after September 15th might result in special courses. However, attending such courses will result in a registered term (please also note the info of your University).

Students continuing their courses

Students who are continuing their courses have to follow the following steps to register for the course (information leaflet will follow soon).

There is no grace period for course registrations for students who are continuing their courses. The counting of the lessons attended (at least 80% is required for the relevant semester to be graded) starts on the first day of the course. Please pay the semester fee in time and register at your university in due time so that you can use the electronic course registration system and do not lose your right to a regular course place at the VGUH!

Attention: payment deadline for semester fee at VGUH 10th September 2021

(for students with an application für extension or registered for the EPD special rules apply).Please note that it can take approximately 10 days to complete registration at your university after payment of the VGUH semester-fee. Attendance in the courses will be counted starting with the first day of classes.