Courses at the VGUH

The VGUH offers courses in

  • German as a foreign language to prepare students for the supplementary examination in German:
    • Students of the levels Ib, II, III have to attend two courses (basic course with 12 hours per week and elective course with 3 hours per week). They have to attend these two courses separately but both courses have to be at the same level.
      Semester fee: 474 euros
    • Students of the level III with imposed examinations in other subjects will only take a basic course in German (12 hours per week) and subject courses, or only subject courses if they only have to take supplementary examinations in other subjects. Semester fee: 474 euros
    • Students of the University of Music and Performing Arts will only complete a basic German course (12 hours per week).
      Semester fee: 360 euros
  • Subject courses to prepare students for supplementary examinations in: biology, chemistry, English, geography, history, mathematics, physics (language of instruction: German)

Course contents – with reservation

Course contents and target skills are defined in teaching and learning contents:

Course system and course guidelines

German courses: There are three target levels. Students are placed in these levels according to their language skills, which are determined by means of placement tests or a performance assessment at the VGUH.

Subject courses: These courses can be attended as from German level III; English (two-semester) is possible as from German level II.

For a positive assessment of the semester an attendance rate of 80% of the classes offered and an additional workload of independent studying are necessary. If the semester assessment consists of a basic course and an elective course, students have to complete these separately and pass both of them.