VGUH – About us

Our mission statement, our aspirations, our goals

Competence and quality of the institution, the teachers and the graduates are of central importance to us. Teachers of German as a foreign language teach students from more than 70 different countries at 3 levels at the VGUH. Other teachers prepare students for supplementary examinations in subjects such as biology, chemistry, English, geography, history, mathematics and physics. The students at the University Preparation Programme of the Graz Universities will take these supplementary examinations after 1 – 4 semesters, depending on their previous knowledge of German and whether or not they have to take other supplementary examinations as well, and will then begin their regular university studies.

Our secretariat offers advice, service and information. We, for example, will take care of some formalities in connexion with first-time enrolment and registration for the students. We will also help students in dealing with universities and authorities.