Supplementary examinations

Exam dates

June 2020

  • The registration is closed.
    • German (written exam): June 15th 2020, examination time will be communicated individually, online exam
    • Mathematics (written exam): Tuesday, June 16th 2020, 2 p.m., exam at VWU
    • English (written exam): Wednesday, June 17th 2020, examination time will be communicated individually, online exam
    • Oral exams (all subjects): Monday, June 29th- Friday, July 3rd 2020
    • Certificates will be issued prospectively on Monday, July 6th 2020 (10 a.m.)

next examinations: September 2020, October 2020, January 2021, March 2021

Link to the changed examination regulations

Link to the EPD sample (valid from the exam date "April 2020")

Link to the EPE sample

Anmeldung zu Ergänzungsprüfungen

Anmeldung zu Ergänzungsprüfungen: Alle Ergänzungsprüfungen, außer der Ergänzungsprüfung aus Mathematik, finden online statt. Eine Prüfungsanmeldung ist aktuell nicht möglich.

Supplementary examinations - general information

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all supplementary exams with the exception of mathematics may only be taken online. Only the supplementary exam in mathematics takes place at VWU directly. Currently it is not possble to anticipate when it will be possible again to take supplementary exams in all subjetcs directly at VWU again.

There are 3 dates for supplementary examinations per semester – please mind the application deadline!

Examination fees:

  • € 50 Euro: Examination fee for German, English, Mathematics each.
  • € 35 Euro: Examination fee for History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry each.
  • The supplementary examinations are taken in the presence of a board of examiners (Prüfungssenat) at the VWU.
  • The board of examiners consists of three members: the examiner, another lecturer of the VWU and a representative of the university, who chairs the board.
  • For the oral examination in German, English and mathematics passing the written examination is required.

Grades: 1 (very good), 2 (good), 3 (satisfactory), 4 (sufficient), 5 (not sufficient). Grade 5 means “negative”, i.e. fail. Candidates may take a supplementary exam up to five times.